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Retainer support services

Sometimes, an organization’s IT staff does not have the expertise to implement a solution (e.g. configure a Cisco router) or fix a complex problem (e.g. restore a corrupt Exchange database). Other times, the frequency of IT issues do not occur often enough to warrant having a full-time IT staff. A part-time IT person would save money, but isn’t as reliable. 

In these instances companies would benefit tremendously from Jate's Retainer Support Services. Unlike other retainer-based support services, we provide monitoring and scheduled after-hours support services at no additional costs. We also provide detailed project logs so you can keep track of everything done to your systems. We are essentially your secondary IT support staff in case of emergencies or when an extra hand is needed. The flexibility of our retainer support service and the fact that our engineers will be familiar with your network allow our clients to rest assured that their critical IT infrastructure is in good hands. 

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